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Movement is Medicine – Cardio & HIIT

Here at WalkOn Fitness, we focus on the Triangular Approach to Health: Mind, Nutrition, and Fitness. All of our programs incorporate adequate rest time to help your body recover from the workouts scheduled, however, you may find that you enjoy your workout so much, you feel a little off if you don’t get movement in during your day.

MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE: One of the keys to getting through these programs is the continual movement we need to flush out the body. The tendency to want to “rest” and do nothing is a recipe that allows the body to become sore. The benefits of even a 20-minute light walk or jog, as well as, cardio suggestions we have listed below, keep the body from getting too sore. Go outside or play a pickup game with friends. Take a walk alone or with a companion. You can always use the cardio or HIIT workouts listed below. These activities are not only good for the body, but they are good for the mind.  Movement is medicine.

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